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Construction Litigation

Any flaw in the construction of a building can affect the entire structure of the building. Construction litigation can be filed for any of the following reasons: faulty design, unworkmanlike work or bad materials. Examples Green & Green have encountered include allegations of improper brick/masonry work, faulty foundations, inadequate soil compaction, mold or deterioration related to exterior insulating finish systems (EIFS) in residential installations, poor roofing, inadequate heating or ventilation and failed fire sprinkler systems. These situations can present themselves in commercial or residential construction and be discovered in a variety of ways at a variety of times. Green & Green has the skill and background to successfully address, evaluate and help resolve the issues you may have in construction litigation.

Green & Green Lawyers are routinely involved in all aspects of construction from architectural and engineering design through every phase of construction. We handle contracting issues; Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) matters; architectural and engineering professional negligence (malpractice); construction site safety violations, injuries and deaths; faulty construction techniques; defective building materials; National Electrical and Fire Safety Code violations; dormitory, student housing, and factory fires, explosions, and toxic exposure; intentional tort and related issues.