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Do you lease residential or commercial property?  Landlords and businesses often overlook risks arising from renting their real property which can be avoided through the careful drafting of leases.  Further, landlords and businesses often are unaware of the scope of their duties, obligations, and rights, as well as their potential liability to third parties.

If you own real property that you lease to someone else, we can assist you.  The attorneys at Green & Green Lawyers have the experience and background to evaluate lease agreements and complaints, advise you on your duties and obligations as a landlord, guide you through the eviction, and counsel you on available, reasonable alternatives for resolution.  Our firm regularly advises landlords on how to avoid risk and maintaining good, working relationships with their tenants.

But, if you are a tenant, Green & Green Lawyers can also assist you when your landlord fails to meet their duties and obligations.  We can counsel you on how to protect yourself from a zealous landlord, and how to use rent escrows to ensure your property receives needed repairs.  Our firm has substantial experience advising tenants as to their rights and responsibilities, so that they can avoid any conflict with their landlords.