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Toxic Tort Litigation

When an individual or property is exposed to harmful and toxic substances, such as lead paint, toxic mold, hazardous chemicals, or dangerous medication, which cause injury or damage to property, it gives rise to a toxic tort claim. Workplace conditions are regulated and must be maintained so employees can work free from the threat of harmful substances. Several state and federal laws have been structured to protect the people and the environment from perilous substances, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which protects employees in their workplaces from hazardous conditions. When a single defective product or substance affects a large group of people, they can come together in a class action suit to hold the dealers, sellers, or manufacturers responsible for the injuries caused.

Green & Green Lawyers deals with these complex issues regularly and can provide the assistance you need to most effectively address toxic tort issues and claims. Green & Green Lawyers have substantial experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in toxic tort litigation.