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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Employers In Ohio Can Now Restrict The Time Employees Have To Bring Employment-Related Claims

Fry v. FCA US L.L.C., 2017-Ohio-7005 (6th District) In the spring of 2014, Jason Fry, who is legally blind, applied to work at the Chrysler plant in Toledo.  After an initial phone screening, he traveled to the plant for an onsite assessment, which included several hours of various tests.  Fry was offered a position and… Read More »

Being In The Front Seat Of A Police Cruiser During A Traffic Stop Does Not Mean You Are In Custody

The Ohio Supreme Court has now held that placing a suspect in the front seat of a cruiser during a traffic stop is not, by itself, a custodial arrest that requires Mirandization, and reversed an Eighth District Court of Appeals holding to the contrary.. Benjamin Oles was stopped for a traffic violation after almost hitting… Read More »

Recent Court Cases on Fourth Amendment, Law Enforcement and Qualified Immunity Issues

Green & Green has been representing police officers and municipalities for over thirty years and takes pride in providing assistance to the men, women, and institutions that keep us safe.  These types of claims require critical analysis of complex constitutional and immunity issues as well as standards for policy conduct.  As part of our continuing… Read More »

“Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof!” – Liability Related to Man’s Best Friend

As much as we love them, rely on them, or work with them, companion animals like dogs are still considered “property” under Ohio law. As much as this pains me as a dedicated animal lover, that’s the law. And, there is significant legal responsibility that goes with that animal/property. The humans considered the “owners, keepers or… Read More »