Fred Young and Jeannine Myers Successfully Defend Client in Demolition Damages Case

Green & Green, Lawyers attorneys Fred Young and Jeannine Myers successfully defended a client in a case involving claims of damages resulting from demolition of a large retail store that abutted Plaintiffs’ retail building.  The demolition contractor argued that Fred and Jeannine’s client was responsible for some or all of the damage claimed by Plaintiffs, an argument strongly denied by the client.  Fred and Jeannine argued that the claims against the client were also procedurally improper and undertook a motion shortly after the client was brought into the case to avoid the client incurring extraordinarily large fees and expenses anticipated for the many depositions and other aspects of discovery to come.  Despite objection of the demolition contractor, Judge Walter Rice of the United States Federal Court for the Southern District of Ohio agreed with Fred and Jeannine and dismissed the complaint brought by the demolition contractor.

The attorneys at Green & Green, Lawyers do their best to seek out the most effective and timely result for the client, which shows in Fred and Jeannine’s efforts.  Congratulations on the victory!