TikTok house leads to legal disputes

Online influencers in Ohio and around the country may open new frontiers in business and entertainment, but they may also be troubled by the same types of disputes and concerns that affect companies of different types. In one case, TikTok stars are facing a dispute over the trademark for an entertainment collective formed by a group of young celebrities on the platform. TikTok is a social media app known for short videos, often involving comedy skits, humor or music, and it is particularly popular among children and teens. Like other major platforms like Vine, YouTube and Instagram, content creators develop a following of millions of fans around the world.

Several of the platform’s biggest stars came together to form The Hype House, an entertainment collective in which the members promote and co-star in each other’s content. Similar to other influencer houses, members of The Hype House live together, and the social and personal aspects of their lives also serve as fodder for entertainment stories. However, several of the key players in The Hype House are now in conflict with one another, and they have serious disagreements over intellectual property rights for the house as well as who truly created the idea.

Daisy Keech, one of the first members of The Hype House who no longer lives in the group home, filed a trademark application for “The Hype House” after posting publicly about changes she wanted to see. Meanwhile, an LLC that includes the father of another participant in the Hype House has filed a competing trademark registration for terms related to the house.

When people jump into forming a business, they may not consider the multiple legal issues, including intellectual property rights and corporate structure, that come along with the process. A business law attorney might provide advice and guidance on business formation and resolving disputes.