Attorney Hung provides a legal outlook on coverage during the pandemic

At Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association, we make a habit of keeping our clients and ourselves informed of the most pressing legal issues facing us all. In this time, there are few things more pressing to businesses than knowing what COVID-19 may have changed about their insurance coverage.

Attorney Jonathan F. Hung responds to two highly relevant issues facing our clients:

  • Are You Covered?: A look at the numerous challenges facing restaurant-owners forced to shut down in the face of the pandemic, and how it impacts their insurance coverage.
  • Coverage Down the Line: Businesses rely on each other and they rely on the supply chain. With the pandemic’s disruption to businesses of all varieties, what does this mean for insurance coverage on business that rely on the commercial supply chain?

Attorney Hung’s points are insightful and thorough. If you wish to learn more about the legal fallout of the coronavirus on your business please reach out to us.