Preparation can prevent distracted driving truck accidents

Large commercial trucks are a common sight on the Ohio roadways. Because of this, truck accidents are an understandable concern. Safety advocates say that commercial drivers can make the roads safer by taking steps to avoid distracted trucking.

Truckers spend significant time on the road. With that, distractions are inevitable. For truckers, being prepared can help prevent distractions before they occur. Any behavior that removes a driver’s focus from the road is a distraction. While some are easily navigated, others are not. The more distracting behaviors frequently involve a cellphone. Making a call, writing a text or surfing the web often lead to collisions. Drivers can control their attention by thinking beforehand.

Drivers should think about the speed their vehicles are traveling and how far they’ll go in the time it takes to use the cellphone. For example, if the vehicle is traveling 67 mph, it takes three seconds to travel the distance of a football field. Some distractions, while not cellphone related, are unavoidable. Traffic, electronic logging devices, GPS and eating all can impact a driver’s concentration. Eating beforehand or making meals as simple as possible, having a hands-free device for the phone, using voice commands and pre-programming the GPS are all viable options to improve safety.

Carriers generally have rules in place to encourage drivers to pay attention to the road. However, that does not stop many drivers from taking liberties. Someone who has been injured in a truck accident should understand the challenges they will face in the aftermath. A legal claim might be a way to recover compensation for all that was lost.