Frederic L. Young named president of Dayton Bar Association

At Green & Green, we take pride in our attorneys’ accomplishments. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our colleague Frederic L. Young is the new incoming President of the Dayton Bar Association (DBA).

Fred previously served as First Vice President of the Association, where he plays an active role in helping to create more robust resources to help other people in the legal community stay connected and enhance the profession. During these trying times, Fred has been a voice of guidance, emphasizing the role of both the DBA and his own legal practice in taking on the burdens of others.

Commitment, leadership and strong visions for the future

Throughout his 25 years of litigating cases in numerous areas of the legal practice, he has shown a penchant for helping his clients reach ideal settlements, often shedding light on innovative and unforeseen approaches to a case. His commitment to continuing to build strong relationships with his clients is reflected in his approach to his new role as President of the DBA.

One of his great strengths as a leader is his ability to move beyond the present and contemplate how to plan for the future as he helps build up the legal community through his role. He looks at the present day challenges and calculates future needs. The DBA has already begun adapting to a fast-paced tech world under his leadership, offering a plethora of digital content and educational materials to advance and uplift other legal professionals.

Fred’s commitment to empowering and lifting up others, whether its colleagues, others in the legal profession, or clients needing legal representation. Here at Green & Green, we’re proud to call Fred Young one of our own, and members of the DBA who’ve appreciated his leadership in other capacities will soon begin to witness firsthand how valuable he is as the Association’s newest President.