Time theft and employer-side employment law litigation in Ohio

Employment law issues in Ohio are often viewed from the perspective of aggrieved workers. This is no surprise when considering the litany of issues that can negatively impact employees, cause them financial loss and emotional upheaval. Still, employers are not immune to illegal behaviors on the part of employees.

Time theft is a problem that employers should be aware of. If an employer is intentionally claiming to have done work that he or she did not do and is paid for it, it is time theft. An example might be having a co-worker clock in on the time clock in the time thief’s stead. It could also be simply taking a nap during work hours. Employers can take certain steps to try and prevent this.

Workplace rules regarding work and pay should be emphasized. Employers can say that workers who clock in for a fellow employee are guilty of taking part in the time theft. All jobs have fundamental requirements. When there is a lull in a retail job, that does not mean the worker can socialize, text or surf the web. There is always work to be done and time wasting should be frowned upon.

Disciplining workers is an effective way to prevent time theft. There are some minor transgressions that an employer can simply let slide without overt sanctions. However, if there is an act as serious as time theft, docking the worker, issuing a suspension or even dismissals are viable disciplinary procedures. Finally, an employer should be a positive role model and have supervisors who follow that lead. This sets a guideline. Still, some disputes cannot be settled with these strategies and legal assistance is necessary. For employers dealing with employer-side employment law litigation, contacting an experienced law firm may be critical.