How to react when the insurance company calls

If you have been involved in an Ohio car accident, expect to hear from either your insurance company or the insurance company for the other driver. In some cases, you might have conversations with both companies. Let’s take a look at what you should do when you’re contacted by an insurance provider.

Don’t feel obligated to settle the case right away

As a for-profit entity, an insurance company has incentive to provide an accident victim with as little compensation as possible. It isn’t uncommon for it to reach out to crash victims hours or days after a wreck when you are likely at your most vulnerable.

The goal is to take advantage of your weakened physical and mental condition to negotiate a settlement that is less than what you might actually be entitled to. If you do receive an offer to resolve the matter outside of court, it is typically in your best interest to have an attorney review it.

Insurance companies are obligated to defend its clients

It’s important to understand that the insurance company for the person who caused an accident is generally required to defend that individual in court. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney to represent your interests. This may be especially true if the other driver’s policy won’t pay for all of the damages that you’re likely entitled to.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you might receive compensation for medical bills and to replace items that were damaged in a crash. An attorney may use medical records, witness statements and other evidence to prove that you were harmed by the negligent actions of another driver. Car accident cases may be resolved at trial or through a settlement.