NSC: Traffic deaths dropped 2% in 2019, but number is still high

A preliminary report from the National Safety Council states that an estimated 38,800 people died in car accidents in 2019. What Ohio drivers should know is that though this number represents a 2% decline from 2018 and a 4% decrease from the 40,231 who died in 2017, it’s still alarmingly high. The report did not go into details about what’s causing the decline.

Possible factors in the trend

However, experts can attest to several factors. One of them is the increase in newer vehicles that come equipped with collision warning and automatic emergency braking, among other driver assistance features. Study after study has proven the effectiveness in these features when it comes to averting crashes and reducing the severity of those that occur.

Secondly, many cities started to implement measures to improve traffic safety, such as by redesigning those areas where the risk for a traffic crash is high. One state, Utah, has focused on discouraging DUI by lowering the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration from 0.08 to 0.05.

How drivers can contribute

You can do your part to reduce the number of traffic crashes simply by staying safe. Put away the phone and other sources of distractions. Get plenty of sleep to prevent drowsy driving. If you go to a party where you’re liable to drink a lot, designate a sober driver to take you home.

For the victims of a negligent driver

Perhaps you were harmed at the hands of a drunk, drowsy or distracted driver. Victims of motor vehicle accidents might file a personal injury claim when there’s clear proof of negligence, so you may want to speak with a lawyer about this possibility. With a lawyer, you may be able to file a strong claim against the negligent driver’s auto insurance company and achieve a fair settlement covering both monetary and non-monetary losses.