Taking the steps toward your real estate mediation

Mediation is an alternative choice to appearing in court and resolving a dispute over a real estate transaction. You may have problems with property title or lease. A property owner may have had his or her rights taken away from the government. Regardless of the type of case, there is a solution when you choose a real estate mediation in Ohio.

Learning about the process

Mediation is one of a handful of legal methods used to resolve a real estate dispute. The process involves the use of a neutral person known as a mediator who helps both sides settle a dispute. The mediator’s main goals are to open up the lines of communication between both sides of the dispute, review the details of the case and introduce every party involved. Then, the mediator asks for more information about each perspective of the debate.

The final solution is a non-binding agreement that can become legally binding in court. Overall, the results of mediation are faster, simpler and more private than the results of real estate litigation.

Making preparations

Consider the costs of the procedure first. Regardless of the cost, it is less expensive than litigation. Be prepared before the mediation begins. Plan your arguments and choose the main solution for resolving the problem. Create alternative solutions in case the first one does not work.

Preparing for your upcoming mediation

Working with a mediator is the fastest, easiest method to settle your legal matter. You don’t have to wait several months to begin your case in court. Understand what a mediator will expect of you before, during and after this process.