Who is liable in a ride-share accident

Ride-share services have done a lot of good for people in Ohio. They have made it easy to get around town to take care of shopping and other needs in a timely fashion. However, like all vehicles, the quality of your experience depends on the driver. If you get in an accident, you’ll need to find out who is liable.

Liability while you are riding in an Uber

It may be your intention to file a personal injury suit in the wake of a ride-share vehicle crash. If this is the case, you will first need to make a determination as to who is actually to be held liable for the accident. This will depend on whether you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft or riding in another vehicle.

If you are a passenger in a ride-share vehicle, your injuries will most likely be covered by the driver’s insurance. The employee will be held liable. Most states will require drivers to carry a certain amount of commercial liability insurance. This policy will be tapped into to cover accidents and injuries.

Liability if you are in another vehicle

It may take a bit longer to come to a proper claim settlement if you were riding in a different vehicle. If this is the case, it may be a matter of whether or not the ride-share driver was officially on the clock.

They may have been driving on their own with no thought of picking up a rider. It may be that they were on their way to pick one up. It may fall to you to prove that the driver of the ride-share vehicle was liable for the accident. If so, you will need to gather up enough strong evidence to back up your claim.