How can companies minimize the risk of lawsuits?

Ohio businesses can face a variety of negative consequences if they are sued for employment discrimination. These consequences include the financial cost of defending against the allegations, damage to its brand as well as a reduction of employee morale. If a company is found to have violated state or federal employment laws, it could owe millions to the plaintiffs named in the case.

How can companies minimize the risk of being sued?

Creating clear and transparent workplace policies may be an effective way to minimize the risk of lawsuits. Generally speaking, employees simply want to know that their complaints will be taken seriously and that those who are found to have engaged in poor behavior will be held accountable for their actions. Companies may also manage to resolve allegations outside of court by refraining from retaliating against those who make sexual harassment, gender discrimination or other types of workplace harassment claims.

Managers should intervene at the first sign of trouble

Organizations are encouraged to provide managers with the training necessary to spot the signs of sexual, gender or other types of workplace harassment. Understanding these clues may make it possible to intervene before an employee feels the need to make an internal complaint or proceed with employment law litigation. It may also prevent a manager from inadvertently engaging in behavior that could be seen as retaliatory in nature.

Companies that violate employment laws may be subject to fines or other types of penalties. Individuals who prove that they were victims of employment law violations may be entitled to back pay, the value of benefits and reinstatement to their former positions.