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Jonathan F. Hung Now a Shareholder with Green & Green, Lawyers

Green & Green, Lawyers is pleased to announce that Jonathan F. Hung is now a shareholder of the firm.  Jon joined the firm in 2010.  His practice focuses on real property and civil litigation, which includes: land use and zoning; foreclosure prosecution and defense; dealing with local government; home construction contracts; premises liability; landlord/tenant law;… Read More »

Employers In Ohio Can Now Restrict The Time Employees Have To Bring Employment-Related Claims

Fry v. FCA US L.L.C., 2017-Ohio-7005 (6th District) In the spring of 2014, Jason Fry, who is legally blind, applied to work at the Chrysler plant in Toledo.  After an initial phone screening, he traveled to the plant for an onsite assessment, which included several hours of various tests.  Fry was offered a position and… Read More »

Being In The Front Seat Of A Police Cruiser During A Traffic Stop Does Not Mean You Are In Custody

The Ohio Supreme Court has now held that placing a suspect in the front seat of a cruiser during a traffic stop is not, by itself, a custodial arrest that requires Mirandization, and reversed an Eighth District Court of Appeals holding to the contrary.. Benjamin Oles was stopped for a traffic violation after almost hitting… Read More »

Recent Court Cases on Fourth Amendment, Law Enforcement and Qualified Immunity Issues

Green & Green has been representing police officers and municipalities for over thirty years and takes pride in providing assistance to the men, women, and institutions that keep us safe.  These types of claims require critical analysis of complex constitutional and immunity issues as well as standards for policy conduct.  As part of our continuing… Read More »

“Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof!” – Liability Related to Man’s Best Friend

As much as we love them, rely on them, or work with them, companion animals like dogs are still considered “property” under Ohio law. As much as this pains me as a dedicated animal lover, that’s the law. And, there is significant legal responsibility that goes with that animal/property. The humans considered the “owners, keepers or… Read More »

That Demon Spirit! – Alcohol Liability and the Social Host

Many of us enjoy a happy hour cocktail, a beer at a cookout, or a nightcap after a long day. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is a regular and often anticipated part of social interaction. With summer upon us, the frequency of parties, cookouts, reunions, golf outings, picnics and the like provide many opportunities for us… Read More »

Homeowner Liability For Pool Party Accidents – or, “What Happens When Cousin Eddie Throws Someone in the Pool?”

It’s almost Memorial Day. Holidays, nice weather and summer vacations lend themselves to socializing and outdoor entertainment and pools around the region are or will be opening to welcome summer festivities. While it is great to relax with friends, family or colleagues around the pool, the potential for injury also unfortunately increases. According to the… Read More »

Think you’ve made a valid claim against an estate? Think again…

            The Supreme Court of Ohio recently held that in order for a claim against an estate to be effective pursuant to R.C. 2117.06(A)(1)(a), it must be presented to the executor or administrator in writing.  Wilson v. Lawrence, 2017-Ohio-1410.  In Wilson, the Court faced the issue of whether delivery of a creditor’s claim to a… Read More »

Recent Release of Updated 2017 AIA A201 Contract Form

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently released the 2017 edition of its frequently used design-bid-build standard contract documents, including the widely used General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, the A201 form. As many construction attorneys and their contractor clients, this form is the basis for many commercial construction contracts.  There appear to be… Read More »

No Compensation for Hollywood Hi-jinx

No Compensation for Hollywood Hi-jinx State ex rel. Cuyahoga Lakefront Land, LLC v. Cleveland, 148 Ohio St.3d 531, 2016-Ohio-7592. Cleveland has seen better days, but it is apparently the perfect spot for Hollywood crews looking for cityscapes to film in.  So, when a production company applied for a permit to close a portion of West… Read More »