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Best Offers Are Not Always The Highest

So you want a troubled property, and you throw out the biggest bid.  Does that mean you win?  Not always.  A good receiver knows better.  Case in point: Yidi, LLC v. JHB Hotel, LLC, et al., 8th Dist. No. 104856, 2017-Ohio-1285. This story begins when Yidi, LLC filed an action against JHB Hotel, LLC, 3M… Read More »

Are Landowners Liable When Contractors Are Injured on Their Property? Case Study

Case Study: Strayer v. Cox, 2d Dist. No. 2015-CA-6, 2015-Ohio-2781.     Jonathan F. Hung, Esquire, Associate Attorney, Green & Green, Lawyers   Richard Strayer, was no stranger to dangerous situations.  He had worked in residential and commercial construction, which included climbing cell phone towers between 180 and 1,600 feet tall.  He had worn safety and body… Read More »

Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements

In recent years, limited liability companies (“LLCs”) have become a standard business entity option for startups and even large commercial entities.  LLCs offer ease of creation and operation while providing liability protection and tax advantages to members.  LLCs do not have the many technical requirements of corporations in formation or operation.  LLCs can be used… Read More »