Judge Judy faces breach of contract allegations

Judith Sheindlin became a household name by presiding over the reality TV show “Judge Judy.” Now, Sheindlin finds herself facing a lawsuit. The suit is in response to the series of deals made during an ownership transfer of “Judge Judy” show archives. The lawsuit states that the show archives are worth millions of dollars.

One of the charges against Sheindlin that may require business litigation is a breach of contract. Sheindlin says that the case is baseless since no contract existed.

Rebel Entertainment Partners Inc. is the plaintiff in the case. The defendants named in the lawsuit along with Sheindlin include CBS Studios, Big Ticket Television, Her Honor Inc. and others. Rebel Entertainment claims that a percentage of the proceeds resulting from the sale of the show archives is due to the company. Rebel Entertainment is associated with the talent firm Abrams, Rubaloff & Lawrence. The firm is the recruiter that first secured the talents of Sheindlin for the show more than two decades ago.

Rebel Entertainment says that Big Ticket Television executed a sale of archives that was inclusive of “participant rights.” Rebel says its company is the participant. The plaintiff alleges that its contractual rights were first violated in 2015 when Big Ticket transferred the archive rights to Sheindlin. According to the lawsuit, Sheindlin began to owe money to Rebel Entertainment at this point. The lawsuit claims more damages to the plaintiff occurred when Sheindlin sold the archives to CBS Studios in 2017 without making an effort to compensate Rebel Entertainment.

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