Intentional Torts


Experienced Litigators Handle Intentional Tort Claims

Many personal injury claims that Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association handles relate to matters of negligence. However, our attorneys also accept cases in which another person’s intentional acts caused harm or suffering.

Someone else’s deliberate or conscious act, omission or conduct may factor into recovering damages through an intentional tort lawsuit. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to determine the intention behind the conduct that resulted in injuries.

Strategies For Resolving Ill-Intent Allegations In Court

Recovering punitive damages may be possible in cases involving nonconsensual emotional, verbal or physical victimization. Intentional tort cases accepted by our Dayton firm include:

Meanwhile, our skilled litigators also have the knowledge and experience needed to:






Trespass to land

Invasion of privacy

False imprisonment

The affliction of emotional distress

Damage to, or interference with, personal property

Our experienced litigators can help you prove that the person who harmed you intended to do so. In cases where the person who injured you meant to cause harm to someone else, we can make a case of transferred intent.

We also defend companies, government entities, landlords and employers accused of damaging maltreatment in violation of civil rights.


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