Insurance Coverage


Thorough Insurance Dispute Representation

Insurance policies protect the insured from loss in a wide range of situations. However, in many cases, the involved parties struggle to agree on settlement terms for filed claims.

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association regularly negotiates settlements on behalf of insurance companies. We also assist those seeking maximum compensation for injuries suffered during an accident. Our seasoned attorneys offer efficient dispute resolution in addition to our litigation services.

Resolution For Insurers And The Insured

Multiple factors can affect an insurance payout. Required maintenance, omitted information or bad faith can influence compensation.

Our lawyers handle insurance disputes that include:

Breach of contract

Policy conditions

Coverage exclusions


Professional liability

Failure to act with reasonable justification in the handling or processing of a claim

These issues are often presented in a first-party environment with the potential involvement of both compensatory and punitive damages. Our experience also equips us to resolve third-party claims.


Honest Answers To Common Claims Questions

Our attorneys counsel businesses, government entities and individual clients on issues that arise before taking legal action, during the claim evaluation process or after a lawsuit is filed. We provide straightforward answers to insurance-related questions such as:

How might a court interpret the language of this insurance policy?

Will this policy’s terms apply in every situation?

Did fraud factor into this claim?

What kind of legal action is necessary in this case?

We help entrepreneurs protect their interests in the face of premises liability claims, professional malpractice and employment laws. We also resolve disputes surrounding inadequate settlement offers or denied claims.

Protect Your Interests In A Claim Dispute

Green & Green Lawyers is skilled at handling every aspect of insurance disputes. We guide clients through contract interpretations, investigations, statements under oath and motion practices. When necessary, we seek resolution through a trial.

To protect your interests, connect with our litigation team online or call 37-224-3333 today.