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Commercial And Business Litigation in Dayton

Green & Green Lawyers, business litigation lawyers in Dayton, understand commercial law and business. Business or commercial law is the body of law that governs business and commerce, which deals both with issues of private and public law.

Sometimes In Business, Litigation Cannot Be Avoided

The reasons for business disputes are varied, just like disputes between individuals. Business litigation often arises when there is a dispute over how a business has been or should be created, incorporated, managed and/or terminated.

These disputes may be governed by state law, federal law or both. Litigation can arise from a variety of circumstances, including failed stock offerings, shareholder derivative suits, dissolution of a corporation or partnership, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, and unfair competition, or trade secret violations.

Our Litigation Experience Can Help Secure Your Business Transactions

Although businesses often take preventive steps to shield themselves from unnecessary litigation, even the most prepared business can easily find itself becoming a party in a business dispute. Green & Green Lawyers can provide the assistance you need with transactional matters, in-house employment or management issues and disputes with other businesses, before or after a lawsuit is filed.

Green & Green Lawyers has experience with business transactions in Dayton and surrounding areas, and is also familiar with both the state and federal court systems, and we can provide our experience to you, regardless of the venue or issues you face. Green & Green Lawyers has ample experience with litigating disputes for or against businesses.


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