Premises Liability


Determining Accountability In Premises Liability Claims

No matter the amount of work dedicated to keeping others safe, injuries can happen anywhere. The premises liability attorneys at Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association accept cases related to injuries at a wide range of business and rental properties in the Dayton community.

Our firm relies on decades of experience to counsel business owners on risk reduction and defend against illegitimate personal injury claims. We also help those injured hold negligent property owners accountable.

What Happens When Injuries Take Place On Someone Else’s Property?

In some situations, a safety or security risk may be to blame for the harm you experienced. If your injuries resulted from a property owner’s negligence, our lawyers can help you recover damages.

We resolve disputes related to injury claims in places such as:

Real property

Rental homes


Shopping malls



Commercial office spaces

Our firm has the background to thoroughly evaluate your premises liability risks and claims. Examples of the premises liability claims we handle include poor maintenance, hidden dangers and insufficient security measures.


Let Us Help You Protect Your Interests

We will aggressively seek maximum compensation in your case if your injuries resulted from a property owner’s negligence. Meanwhile, if you have concerns about how to minimize liability for on-premise injury claims at your business, our legal team can provide the assistance you need.

Email our firm to let us know how we can help you. To speak directly with one of our lawyers, call 937-224-3333.