Products Liability


Our Litigators Protect Your Interests In Product Liability Claims

Product design, manufacturing and sales can augment your business profits. Meanwhile, the liability associated with your products can also increase your risk.

Based in Dayton, Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association represents manufacturers, sellers and others in the distribution chain throughout Ohio. Our attorneys also represent individuals who have sustained injuries from defective products.

Seasoned Representation For Dangerous Product Allegations

There are often multiple facets of a product liability lawsuit. If you were hurt while using a consumer product, our attorneys will seek maximum compensation for your personal injuries. We can also protect the interests of companies accused of releasing a defective product into the market.

A products liability claim against a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer may arise for any of the following reasons:

Defects in the design, manufacture or marketing of a product

Failure to warn or caution potential consumers about the performance or working condition of a product

Injury caused as a result of the defect or failure to warn

Depending on the circumstances, a court may order both compensatory and punitive damages in a product liability case. We determine the fault and liability of the involved parties based on theories of negligence, strict liability and fitness warranties.


Get The Legal Guidance You Deserve

Product liability claims can be complicated and may involve serious injury or death. Green & Green Lawyers has both successfully pursued and defended claims involving a wide variety of products and situations. We welcome complex litigation challenges in addition to providing risk mitigation counsel to area employers.

If the use of a product results in a dispute, call 937-224-3333 to arrange a consultation. You may also email our experienced attorneys for more information.