Toxic Tort Litigation


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Several Ohio and federal laws have been structured to protect people and the environment from harmful materials. This includes the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which protects employees from hazardous conditions in their workplaces.

Green & Green Lawyers A Legal Professional Association handles these complex issues regularly and can provide the assistance you need to address toxic tort issues and claims most effectively. No matter what your situation, our attorneys have the commitment and litigation experience you need to protect your interests.

What Could Potentially Lead To A Toxic Tort Claim?

When a defective product or toxic substance affects multiple people, they may come together in a class-action lawsuit to hold the dealers, sellers or manufacturers responsible for their illness or injuries. In some cases, claims related to the threat of harmful substances relate to unsafe working conditions.

Exposure to hazardous materials can give rise to a toxic tort claim. Causes of damage to an individual or property could include:



Lead-based paint

Consumer items

Toxic mold

Hazardous chemicals

Dangerous medication

If you require legal representation due to claims of an unsafe product, especially in a rental housing or employment situation, put our firm’s experience to work for you.


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Our attorneys have substantial experience with representing injured plaintiffs in court. We also provide defense litigation strategies for Dayton businesses facing claims related to their responsibility in causing harm to others.

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