Political Subdivision Liability Defense


Resolution For Challenges Between Residents And Local Governments

The attorneys of Green & Green, Lawyers have considerable experience and highly honed skills in representing the interests of political subdivisions, their officials and employees in a wide variety of circumstances. We thoroughly enjoy this work and have an intimate knowledge of Constitutional and statutory claims and immunities.

We have successfully handled for our clients issues as varied as defense of law enforcement, public premises liability claims, traffic control/road maintenance, sewer construction and maintenance, employment termination, discrimination and harassment, zoning and eminent domain matters. These matters have included defense of claims in both state and federal courts as well as pre-litigation advice and assistance. Green & Green routinely handles these types of cases for government entities throughout Ohio.

Municipal Dispute Litigation

Municipal law relates to a wide range of topics. Our firm reviews local by-laws and charter amendments. We also proactively negotiate agreements.


Municipal liabilities




Administrative proceedings




Special assessments

Drafting ordinances

Requesting public records

We also handle municipal tort claims about a government agency’s or representative’s negligence resulting in physical harm or death.