Tips for selling a commercial property

Research has revealed that the average human attention span is about eight seconds. This means that there is a good chance that most people won’t notice a for sale sign on a warehouse door or a Facebook post announcing that your multifamily home is on the market. If you’re looking to sell your Ohio property, you must know who your potential buyer is and how to reach out to that person.

Explain why your property is worth buying

A buyer is more likely to be interested in properties that meet his or her investment criteria. Therefore, it’s essential that you say something that will pique his or her curiosity and make that person want to learn more about your office building or warehouse. This might be done by mentioning its prime downtown location or the fact that you have had the same tenant for the past decade.

Let the buyer see the property immediately

It isn’t enough to simply tell a potential buyer about the building that you are looking to sell. Instead, that person is going to want to see what he or she is being asked to purchase. Ideally, you will have already created a virtual tour, compiled drone photos and have floor plans ready to be sent to this person as quickly as possible.

Generally speaking, selling a commercial property can be a complex process that may involve having to disclose potentially sensitive information. Furthermore, it may be necessary to draft and sign multiple documents before and during the closing process. Therefore, disputes may arise before the transaction can become official. A legal professional who has handled real estate litigation – commercial side may help you resolve these disputes in a timely manner.