Judge tosses Apple’s counterclaims against Epic

Ohio businesses may face legal problems when they have signed a contract with another person or company. Sometimes, these can end up in court as part of litigation. This is what has happened to the maker of Fortnite and Apple. These are two companies locked in a bitter lawsuit.

Epic Games has sued Apple

The maker of Fortnite has challenged the sales policies of both Apple and Google. The company has claimed that policies that prevent it from selling its own products over an iPhone or Android system violate antitrust laws. Epic set up its own third-party marketplace and was tossed from both Apple and Google’s platforms. The massively popular Fortnite generates billions of dollars of sales.

Apple has counter sued

While Apple has countersued Fortnite, its legal case has recently suffered a blow. Apple has alleged that Epic Games was stealing revenues from Apple, countering that the company committed theft. However, a federal judge has narrowed the scope of Apple’s counterclaim. The judge dismissed the theft claims and is only allowing a counterclaim of breach of contract to go forward. In a teleconference, the judge stated that Apple did not show any independent wrongful act on the part of Epic, and the only grounds that was possibly supported by facts was the breach of contract claim.

As you can see, business litigation can get very detailed and involved. Normally, both parties to the case will end up suing each other, and the court will need to get to the bottom of the case. This is why you need a business litigation attorney. If you have been sued, your attorney could file a counterclaim against the other party. In the best-case scenario, your attorney may negotiate with the other side to avoid a messy lawsuit that could take years.