The parties involved in will contests

Confusing parts of probate litigation in Ohio can include will contests. You may not know if an interested party has a right to the estate, so a dispute may arise if they try to claim assets not specifically given them in the will. You and other family members or friends may be surprised at how many interested party members there truly are.

Who are the interested parties?

Many interested parties may be involved in the estate of the deceased because beneficiaries and family members who are on the will are not the only interested parties. Some individuals who may be able to claim part of the state during probate litigation include those listed below:

  • Surviving family members
  • Beneficiaries
  • Any other individuals listed on the will if it is up for probate

The duties of the petitioner

The individuals listed on a will are direct party members for any probate litigation. Anyone who is named in a previous will by the deceased may be an interested party as well. Anyone who is not listed on the current will won’t be an interested party member until the petitioner makes a determination.

A will contest can be a messy process that the deceased did not intend for when creating the will. If you are currently involved in a will dispute, you may need assistance in determining who is a party member for the will contest according to state law. You may want to contact a lawyer experienced in probate litigation to offer guidance and represent you. A lawyer may help clearly define the interested parties so that the probate process proceeds much smoother and faster.