Why do you need a car accident attorney?

Individuals involved in a car accident in Ohio may suffer troubling injuries. Upon discovering that the negligent party carries liability insurance, some might think filing a claim by themselves could lead to a desirable settlement. However, the case might become more complicated than the victims imagined, so they may need help negotiating with an insurance company. Victims may discover that hiring an attorney is a better plan than attempting it on their own.

Reasons for hiring an attorney

When a person is dealing with minimal property damage, working directly with an insurance company might be workable. However, when someone suffers a severe injury and ends up in the hospital with injuries that prove life-altering, many financial considerations arise.

Valuating the financial costs may require the assistance of experienced counsel. The insurance company might attempt to make an offer that is too low. Worse, the provider’s representative may attempt to negotiate in bad faith. An attorney may be able to pick up on such instances and suggest appropriate actions.

Lawsuits and legal proceedings

The victim of a serious accident likely needs representation to deal with legal issues. For example, what if there are questions about punitive damages? A negligent driver’s actions might be so gross that punitive awards appear warranted. An insurance company might not cover punitive damages, so the injured party may need to file a lawsuit to sue beyond the policy.

The insurance company could claim that their client was not at fault. If the client isn’t liable, the insurance company does not have to pay. An attorney for the victim may be able to present a strong case about where liability lies and file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

In addition, victims might not be aware of statutes of limitations or time limits imposed by insurance companies. Without consulting with a personal injury attorney, a victim may ruin his or her chances to receive compensation. Legal assistance might help ensure that a victim receives just compensation.